Eating Orange

Brown Butter Pumpkin Soup
Brown Butter Pumpkin Soup – 1 Guiding Stars

October is all about the color orange. It’s everywhere: including food. Guiding Stars debits foods that use artificial colors, but that doesn’t mean orange food is out. Looking at fruits and vegetables alone, there’s a panoply of orange to be munched. During the month of October, Kitchen Smarts will be exploring in-depth a few categories of delicious and nutritious orange foods.

Orange Squash

We cannot, of course, overlook pumpkin. Pumpkin is king during October. It’s not the only orange squash out there, however, and I would argue it’s not even the most delicious one. (Not even in pie, but that’s somebody else’s fight.) Next Friday, we’ll discuss a range of ideas for enjoying more squash.

Pumpkin Irish Oatmeal
Pumpkin Irish Oatmeal – 2 Guiding Stars

Orange Roots

Carrots and sweet potatoes are pretty different eating experiences, but you can use them in some similar ways. We’ll use these two popular orange root vegetables to talk more broadly about some best practices for playing with roots in general.

Sweet Potato Tapas
Sweet Potato Tapas – 2 Guiding Stars


Fall sees the beginning of the citrus season. Oranges are delicious snacking and in salads, but they’re so much more useful than that. We’ll explore the scope of how you can put orange to work in your kitchen on the final Friday in October.