Falling in Love with a Leaf

Cabbage. We all eat it twice a year: once in Aunt Judy’s coleslaw at the family reunion barbecue in June, and once in boiled dinner on St. Patrick’s Day. But aside from the adventurous souls who have embraced the beauty of sauerkraut, how many of us eat it the rest of the year? It’s an ancient vegetable that was once a heartily-praised garden staple, and for good reason: it’s brimming with vitamins C and K and peppered with a wealth of other nutrients that help your body keep its fighting form. If you’re no fan of the three less-than-beloved cabbage dishes Americans all know, never fear. We’ve got some recipes that will convinced you this leafy head deserves an honored place at your table.

Green Cabbage - The Delicious Daily 11.09.2009
Green Cabbage / The Delicious Life / CC BY 2.0


Repeat after me: boiled dinner is not the only Irish way to enjoy cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t wait until next year to try this recipe out! (3 Stars)

Hot & Sour Slaw

Yes, it’s slaw, but that’s no reason to hurt its feelings, is it? The Asian tang of this cabbage dish will outshine all other slaws in your life. (3 Stars)

Spiced Red Cabbage

Head northwest from the last recipe and hang a right at delicious to enjoy the hearty German flavors of apples and allspice cozying up to your cabbage. (3 Stars)

Smothered Cabbage

Now head west and cross the Channel for a bit of British hominess with your cabbage in the form of caraway seeds. (3 Stars)

Pasta Cabbage Stir-Fry

Don’t worry: cabbage isn’t all about the spices you may or may not have in the cupboard. You can enjoy it worked in with a favorite comfort food. (2 Stars)

Beef & Cabbage Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

We’re not done with Asian flavors yet, but would you really want us to apologize for introducing you to this level of delicious? (1 Star)

Asian Cabbage Saute

First trick to getting yourself out of a vegetable rut? Introduce a new flavor, like sassy-sweet ginger, to a simple dish. (2 Stars)

Asian Slaw

And finally, saving the best for last from tastebuds you’ve got to trust, here’s what our Expert Chef Erin Dow suggests you do with cabbage. (2 Stars)