Healthy Grilling Picks

A search of national brand barbecue sauces reveals that none of them earn Guiding Stars due to sugar and other attributes. It makes it difficult to have a healthful barbecue when you are starting with ingredients that high in sugar, salt and unhealthful fats. Naturally, I am not going to let you embark on a grilling season without help to  meet your nutrition goals. From best picks to recipes, I’ve got you covered with ideas and suggestions that are sure to make your next barbecue both tasty and good for you.

Dijon Wine Steak Kabobs with Mushroom Wild Rice

Rub on Some Spice

Pass on salty and sugary sauces and marinades and go for a spice rub instead such as Spice Hunter Salt Free All Natural Jamaican Jerk Spice or McCormick Perfect Pinch Southwest Sweet ‘n’ Smoky Natural Salt Free Seasoning. You can also make your own spice rub such as this Asian Spice Paste for chicken kebabs.

Choose the Right Meat…or Not

Save on saturated fat, cholesterol and calories by grilling the right meat…or save even more by grilling up veggies instead. For burgers, aim for 2 or 3 Guiding Star ground beef, chicken or turkey. Similarly, use Guiding Star-rated cuts of beef, bison or skinless chicken. You can also pass on the meat and skewer some shrimp or easily grill fish. Lastly, try grilling portabella mushrooms, which make great burgers.

Cheese, Please

You don’t have to pass on the cheese for your burger when you choose the right cheese. Try Cabot 50% Less Fat Sharp Light Cheddar or Alpine Lace 25% Reduced Fat Swiss Cheese or Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss. I suggest placing a wedge inside your lean hamburger patty so that it melts through the burger a bit while it cooks…creamy and delicious.

Better Bread

Rather than passing on the hamburger bun to save on calories or carbohydrates, you can just choose a better bun. For example, use a 100 calorie, whole wheat sandwich thin or similar product for just the right amount of bread. If you are making wraps, tacos or stuffed sandwiches, choose Guiding Star-rated whole wheat wraps or pita that are fiber and protein rich (i.e., filling and satisfying).

Grilled Veggies and Fruit

You have all the right pieces for a better barbecue, but you can make it even better by loading the grill with veggies for your sides. The fiber in the vegetables will fill you up, which means fewer trips to the chip bowl. Keep the same in mind for dessert and grill fruit, which will caramelize and become even sweeter from the heat. Add just a little bit of light vanilla ice cream for a perfect summer dessert!

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