What’s in a Portion?

According to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, portions have grown significantly over the years, and with them, the divide between what we think we need to eat and how long it takes us to work those calories off. Guiding Stars makes it simple to know what foods are the most nutritious to eat, but for many of us, knowing how much of each food to eat can be a challenging question. We’ve gathered a few resources to help you know how much to eat and some tools your family can use to avoid common struggles with portion along the way.

USDA's MyPlate

What does a portion look like?

The NHBLI put together a printable, wallet-sized card you can laminate and carry with you to remind yourself just how big a piece of meat you should eat in one sitting, whether you’re eating at home or at a restaurant. Print the card »

How many portions should you eat?

The US Department of Agriculture offers specific eating plans for all age groups based on whether you need to gain, maintain or lose weight. Find your ideal eating plan »

Avoid portion pitfalls

This simple printable game from the Centers for Disease Control helps your family practice avoiding actions that often lead to accidental overeating. Download the game »

Understand your portion tools

Nutrition information is available for all foods, either on the packaging for prepared foods or through the USDA’s National Nutrient Database or, as an easier online source, our Food Finder. Nutrition information includes the appropriate serving size and is always a good place to start.