Olympic Time

It’s Olympic time. A time to enjoy world-class competition, follow our favorite athletes and discover some new ones all while celebrating our global connectedness. My family gets inspired by the out-of-this-world athleticism, the sheer determination to go for gold and the theater around the big stars as well as the inspirational stories of perseverance and grit from those whose stories come to life only at the Olympic Games.

Stuffed Mexican Sweet Potatoes
Stuffed Mexican Sweet Potatoes are a filling and simple dish to serve up for dinner while you’re watching the Olympics.

This weekend we held an impromptu Olympic party, where we dined around the coffee table and cheered for the men’s basketball team from Spain. Do we watch basketball regularly? No. Will we watch basketball after the Olympics. Doubtful. But it was fun to get into the Olympic spirit. And what about synchronized diving? How amazing is that?

Enjoy the Olympics! Be inspired!