Recipe Riffs Episode 1: Your Guide To Finding the Stars inLocalFood

Recently, I found myself back in my hometown of Fort Kent, ME, serving as the caterer and concessionaire for a leg of the IBU Biathlon World Cup. While I was there I took my crew to visit Joey and Janice Bouchard, the owners/operators of Bouchard Family Farms, where ployes, the traditional buckwheat pancake endemic to northern Maine and Atlantic Canada, are produced. After Janice invited everyone into her kitchen for a taste of their products, the Bouchards took us on a tour of their buckwheat mill. We learned about the buckwheat plant–an herb in the rhubarb family–and we learned that their variety of buckwheat has a neutral taste unlike other species; best of all, buckwheat is gluten free.

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Simplify Your Grocery Experience Teaser

At Guiding Stars, we realize the supermarket can be a hectic place and decoding nutrition labels can be confusing… so we created a food rating system with easy-to-follow tags to help simplify your shopping process.

In grocery stores featuring the program, you can find Guiding Stars throughout the store– in produce, packaged food aisles, seafood, dairy, the meat counter, and the bakery. You will also find Guiding Stars on shelf unit price tags for foods earning stars, and even on private label brand packaging.

Check out our latest video!

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“207”: Guiding Stars a Top Fitness Website

In case you missed last night’s news magazine show “207,” Guiding Stars was included among the best fitness websites. Tech guru Rich Brooks highlights Guiding Stars ease of use, scientific base, newly launched Expert Chef Erin Dow and Shopper iPhone app.

Trouble viewing the video? Watch the segment on the 207 Web site. Guiding Stars starts at 3:56.

Rich Brooks: The Best Fitness Websites

207 is a news magazine show produced by WCSH6 the NBC station in Portland, Maine. 207 is hosted by Rob Caldwell and Kathleen Shannon and runs Monday through Friday at 7pm and Saturdays at 7:30pm.

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