Guiding Stars Food Finder (BETA)

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Guiding Stars just celebrated our 4th anniversary by releasing the new search engine Food Finder into public beta. The search engine allows shoppers to search for any of 50,000 foods in the Guiding Stars database and view the zero, one, two or three star nutrition rating for that food.

Shoppers are encouraged to have conversations about food, exchange ideas and share ratings. You can write a review on a food item by logging in to the Food Finder using your email address, Facebook or Twitter account.

I recently sat down with John Eldredge, Director of Brand and Business Development at Guiding Stars to share some user questions…

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Simplify Your Grocery Experience Teaser

At Guiding Stars, we realize the supermarket can be a hectic place and decoding nutrition labels can be confusing… so we created a food rating system with easy-to-follow tags to help simplify your shopping process.

In grocery stores featuring the program, you can find Guiding Stars throughout the store– in produce, packaged food aisles, seafood, dairy, the meat counter, and the bakery. You will also find Guiding Stars on shelf unit price tags for foods earning stars, and even on private label brand packaging.

Check out our latest video!

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Meet Guiding Stars Expert Chef Erin Dow (Part One)

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Looking for great taste that’s high in nutrition? Guiding Stars Expert Chef helps you bring Guiding Stars into your kitchen.

Meet my good friend, Erin Dow – a chef with over 14 years of experience. She’s cooked for Anthony Bourdain and now she’s cooking for Guiding Stars. Erin creates original recipes using the Guiding Stars nutrition rating system each month to help you plan nutritious meals that everyone will enjoy.

I recently sat down with Erin to find out a little more about her approach. Here is Part One of my interview with our Guiding Stars Expert Chef…

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“207”: Guiding Stars a Top Fitness Website

In case you missed last night’s news magazine show “207,” Guiding Stars was included among the best fitness websites. Tech guru Rich Brooks highlights Guiding Stars ease of use, scientific base, newly launched Expert Chef Erin Dow and Shopper iPhone app.

Trouble viewing the video? Watch the segment on the 207 Web site. Guiding Stars starts at 3:56.

Rich Brooks: The Best Fitness Websites

207 is a news magazine show produced by WCSH6 the NBC station in Portland, Maine. 207 is hosted by Rob Caldwell and Kathleen Shannon and runs Monday through Friday at 7pm and Saturdays at 7:30pm.

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Announcement from Guiding Stars: It’s Finally Here!

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It’s official! The new Guiding Stars website has launched and we’re excited by the great response it has received so far. The new website has a streamlined look, full social media integration including Facebook Connect, and features a blog offering the latest health and nutrition news, with contributors ranging from mothers to nutritionists. We welcome more feedback and encourage you to share your suggestions and submit blog posts.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the launch – all of our readers, subscribers, commenters, remixers, and of course to our amazing bloggers: Sarah Wallace, Jen McNally, Nicki Hicks, Lori Kaley, John Eldredge, Stefan Pinto, Heather Parker DeSimone, Heather Wasklewicz, Melanie Hansen, Erin Dow, Angie Muhs, Amanda O’Brien, Steve Clifton, and Jon Plodzik. Here’s to more interesting content and genuine discussions in Guiding Stars 2010.

Great work from the Guiding Stars team, Guiding Stars Street Team, and Shines and Jecker.

Latest Press Release

Guiding Stars® Celebrates the Relaunch of a Healthier, More User-Friendly Website
We’re building our online community by launching a healthier, more user-friendly website, with a community of dedicated bloggers, new social media tools and a healthy recipe contest.


WIN a week’s worth of FREE groceries!

Share your creative recipe idea for healthy eating before, during and after the “big game” in February. If your recipe gets 3 Guiding Stars you are automatically entered to WIN…

New Blog Post

Resolutions for 2010 by Lori Kaley (GS Scientific Advisor)
Well, it’s already January and I haven’t come up with my New Year’s resolutions for 2010. Oh, don’t misunderstand me, I have plenty that I can work on…

Thank you for helping us make the Web a more nutritious place one kilobyte at a time…

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