Family Fitness

If you’ve got kids who love to read or play computer games, you may find that encouraging them to find time to be active can be a challenge. PBS has a great list of ideas to inspire you and to help your entire family get enough active time to stay healthy.

Soccer Kids
Soccer Kids / Chip Griffin / CC BY 2.0

Model Fitness

Resolving to focus on fitness yourself can be a powerful motivator, especially for younger children. Invite them to do your favorite dance workout with you or to join you for brisk walking. Bonus: they’ll provide extra motivation for you.

Ditch the Car

Wrangling squirming kids from place to place can be a challenge, so turn that energy to your advantage whenever you can. Walk to locations like the playground or library, or just walk from store to store when you’re running errands downtown instead of popping in and out of the car for every stop.

Make a Date

A playdate, that is! Plan a neighborhood soccer game or meet your friends and their kids at the local hiking trail. Exercise stays fun when it’s also about being social. Bonus: you’ve got accountability, which is valuable to meeting your own exercise goals.