Cooking Up Quality Family Time

Baked Sweet Potato Fries
Baked Sweet Potato Fries – 2 Guiding Stars

Making meal prep a family affair is not only an important step toward raising kids who are comfortable in the kitchen, but it’s a great way to spend time together. At a moment that’s all about finding fun things to do at home, bring the family into the kitchen to create meals and delicious dishes you can all be proud of and excited to enjoy together.

Find a job for everyone.

While it may mean that your job becomes simply monitoring everyone else’s job, it’s important to find a role for even the youngest members of your family. Maybe it’s rinsing and prepping veggies or taking on a repetitive task that’s easy but time consuming. Possibly you have an older child that can do some dicing or stirring at the stove. If you’re a meal making master than you may be thinking, “Yes, but I can do all of this and maintain my clean kitchen at the same time.” Keep in mind that these are the moments that turn your kids into adults that can do that too. 

Explore cooking techniques.

Use family time in the kitchen to explore different techniques like blanching, creating a roux, or maintaining a slow simmer. With a blueprint and steps to success, the family will be able to explore these skills and become expert home chefs. Using the Guiding Stars recipe database to look for recipes exploring new techniques or cuisines which have great nutrition.

Make it meal prep time.

If the family is gathered around the kitchen working together, then use this time to prepare extra food to enjoy as nextovers or to freeze for the future. When you work as a team to chop, cook, and create more than you need, you’re building in time together, knowing that a meal is minutes away with a simple trip to the freezer.

Share simple lessons.

Your family likely picks up pickled vegetables at the store or perhaps frozen French fries and other convenient items. Use family time in the kitchen to explore your own pickling recipes, try unique versions of your favorite packaged products and more. Your family may just grow to love your homemade version better.

Tofu Banh Mi

Tofu Bánh Mì

One Guiding Stars iconOne Guiding Stars indicate good nutritional value.

Dishes like this Vietnamese sandwich offer lots of small prep jobs to share and a chance to explore different cultures through food.

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