Massive Food Hysteria

As a Registered Dietitian, it is difficult to read about, see, and hear all the misconceptions that are promoted in the media and on the Internet regarding nutrition and its relationship to health. I worry that people are spending a lot of time and money on quick fixes, supplements, books, or fad diets that won’t, in the end, deliver on their promises. We know that food is not only important for health; it is critical for survival.

But, let’s slow down for a minute. Let all the information about food and nutrition and eating and weight and health and disease stop swirling around you. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Think about what you know about food. Think about what you like about food. Think about how you feel when you are making good choices for your health and your body.

You are worthy of the investment of time. Time to shop for nutritious foods, time to prepare and cook food, time to eat and enjoy food that nourishes your mind, body and spirit. One way that you can invest in yourself is by using the Guiding Stars nutrition navigation system when shopping at the supermarket. When you shop with the stars, there is no longer any confusion or guesswork – you ARE choosing the most nutritious food and beverage items available. Shopping with the stars for nutritious items can save you time to use later to prepare, cook and enjoy your food purchases.

Many people are being affected by changes in the economy and it is less expensive and more nutritious to shop for your own food and cook at home than it is to eat out. We are spending more money than ever on foods away from home that are higher in fat, sodium, and sugars and portion sizes are clearly out of control! When you prepare foods at home you can better manage what you eat and drink, how much you are consuming and you can save leftovers for another nutritious meal.

There is something inherently satisfying about being conscious of what you are eating, where you are eating it, how much you are eating and to the physical enjoyment of the taste, smell and mouth feel of that food. Be well.