Should Your Child Pack or Buy Lunch?

As my daughter started her first year of all-day school this Fall, I came upon the decision of whether she should pack or buy her lunch. No, it’s not rocket science but definitely a big decision (in my eyes) since it would influence her diet for the next nine months.

Fortunately, our school district is one that’s very mindful of its school lunches and has options such as organic yogurt and locally-baked bagels. Even better, the salad bar is a result of the town’s community garden. But, first graders don’t always make the best eating decisions on their own and buying lunch everyday also seemed a bit pricey.

Our household’s solution was compromise. My daughter picks two school lunches a week that interest her most and then the other three days she packs her lunch. This has been a win, win for all of us. She looks forward to pizza on Wednesdays and I feel better knowing that I still have some control over her daily diet.

This may not be everyones solution to the “Pack or Buy” decision but in our household, it’s been a peaceful one.