Blueprint of a Freezer Meal

Freezer meals are an awesome option to work into your weekly cooking routine. You won’t use them every night. You might not even use them every week. When you do need a quick meal, however, you’ll be glad you worked a bit ahead. This week, we’ll talk about what goes into a balanced single-dish meal.

Chicken Stufino

Chicken Stufino

Two Guiding Stars iconTwo Guiding Stars indicate better nutritional value. Choose whole grain pastas for dishes like this for the best nutrition.

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Whole Grains

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend making at least half of your grains whole. When it comes to dinner meals, instant brown rice, quinoa, and whole wheat pasta are some of the easiest options to add to your dish. These options don’t need much fancy treatment. With the right amount of liquid, they can generally cook in the pan with your meat and veggies in 10-20 minutes. Whole grains should make up a little more than ¼ of your final meal.


Plan for about half of your meal to be fruits and veggies, favoring a colorful mix of veggies slightly. An even mix of veggies and whole grains in your main dish with a piece of fruit for dessert will give you a nice balance.


Protein should make up a little less than ¼ of your final meal. Choose plant-based and lean proteins as often as possible. Beans, chicken, and pork make excellent options in freezer meals.

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