Whole Grain On-the-Go

Possibly you have heard that you need to eat more whole grain…and possibly you haven’t known how to do that. I’ve got you covered with a list of foods, from game day snacks to quick breakfast options that are made with whole grain. Of course, they also earn Guiding Stars so they are also the “good, better and best” choices for you too! Substitute these options for the one’s you currently choose and you add more whole grain to your day. Yes, it’s that easy.

Grain / Peter Pearson / CC BY 2.0


Chips and Snacks

For a quick breakfast

Please note: There are many brands that claim “made with whole grain” or include the whole grain stamp on their products. Please always be sure to “fact check” them by reading the ingredient list. A truly whole-grain product will have “whole wheat” or “whole oat” flour near the top of the ingredients list.

Mythbusting: Multigrain is Whole Grain