Putting Soda on the Bench

All things in moderation is the battle cry of the well-balanced diet, but when it comes to sugary drinks, moderation looks more severe than we often realize. One way to minimize the damage we take from indulging in things like soda and fruit-flavored drinks is to swap them out with juice-based alternatives. Although juice lacks the filling fiber of fruit, it does at least offer many of the micronutrients our bodies need. When you’re putting together your party menu, use these recipes and ideas to indulge more healthfully in sugary drinks.

Holiday-Everyday Punch

Stick to Seltzer

What’s a party without something bubbly? Offer a seltzer juice bar. Provide plenty of plain or naturally-flavored seltzers and a few types of juice to allow guests to spice up their seltzer with a shot of something fruity.

Mulled Cider

Apple cider is still available, fresh and often locally produced. Warm it up with your favorite spices to produce a party drink everyone will love.

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Holiday Everyday Punch

Punch is a party classic, it can’t be denied. This full-flavored, fruit-rich nectar will delight everyone at your party.

Get this 2 Guiding Stars recipe!