How to Spice Up Your Salad Routine

We all know how great salads are. The right combination of vegetables and protein makes for a power-packed and nutrition-friendly meal. There’s just one big, glaring problem. Salads can get boring when you make the same one day after day. They can also be tedious when you end up having to buy so many different ingredients. The answer? Mix up your salad routine!

Salad / Laurel Fan / CC BY 2.0

The next time you go grocery shopping, make sure you buy a number of different ingredients you could throw into your salad. Keep your staple veggies, but try mixing in different ingredients that keep a little longer and change things up a bit with proteins like cheeses, beans and nuts.

Change up your dressing. Keep it healthy, but change it to give your salad a different kick of flavor every time. Here’s a great post with a ton of DIY salad dressings.  Guiding Stars also has plenty of fantastic dressings to try, such as Herbed Blue Cheese Dressing.

Last but not least, try some fun recipes! Try switching out spinach with arugula, or how about adding egg for protein? Here are a ton of fun, creative recipes that aren’t going to have you buying all sorts of extra ingredients you’ll only use once.

What about you? How do you keep your salad recipes fresh and new?