Beat the Boring Greens Blues

With the holidays still hanging around our waistlines, many of us turn to salads to help us get out eating back on track. Salads can get to be repetitive, however, and it’s easy for good intentions to slip when tastebuds get bored. These recipes will renew your romance with greens and help you fall in love with salad all over again.

Hot and Sour Slaw
For those of us living in cooler climates where the salad greens have not yet begun to spring up, cabbage is a hearty winter staple. This unique slaw will bring a welcome variety to your winter diet. (3 Stars)

Purslane and Parsley Salad
Purslane and parsley are two very flavorful greens that often get overlooked. Your tastebuds will thank you for taking the time to find and try these greens. (2 Stars)

Endive and Escarole Salad with Mustard-Orange Vinaigrette
The tang of orange meets the spice of orange and the slight bitterness of endive to create a flavor experience you’ll want to enjoy again and again. (3 Stars)

Spinach / Scott Robinson / CC BY 2.0

Seared Greens
Salads, wonderful as they are, aren’t always what you want in the middle of winter. For a warmer, cozier take on greens, try out this simple recipe. (2 Stars)

Asian Spinach Salad with Orange and Avocado
Spinach is a sturdy leave with a mild flavor that pairs will with the creamy, healthy fats of avocado and the smoky flavor of sesame oil. (2 Stars)

Salad Greens with Pears, Fennel and Walnuts
Grab some pears (in-season right now!) and savor the way the sweet flesh tastes with the crunchy, licorice notes of fennel. (3 Stars)

Couscous, Lentil, & Arugula Salad with Garlic-Dijon Vinaigrette
This salad manages to be hearty enough for a main course without burying the lovely taste of arugula in the delightful and lemony dressing. (3 Stars)