Fruit Cakes for the Win

We have been absolutely wowed by fruit cakes this summer. No, I’m not talking about those sugar-and-rum bricks with candied “fruit” that we all gag over during the holidays. I’m not talking about cake smothered in fresh fruit. I am talking about utterly gorgeous “cakes” made of nothing but 100% pure fruit. When you’re planning a party, especially for young kids who haven’t developed the expectation of cake and ice cream at a birthday party, the elegant Watermelon “Cake” from Veggie Belly and the Happy Birthday Fruit “Cake” from Simplify, Live, Love are treats that you’ll be glad to serve up extra helpings of.

Melon Balls
Melon Balls / Dyanna Hyde / CC BY 2.0

Tips for Fruit “Cakes”

1. Melons are perfect cake bases, so try this idea out while your favorite melons are in season.

2. Pre-cut the melon bases for easier service.

3. Use toothpick as a knife guide to help you slice a level layer.

4. Use a melon baller on the ends of the melons you aren’t using for a base–mix and match honeydew, watermelon and cantaloupe to make your own gorgeous decorations.

5. Experiment with your favorite in-season fruits.

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