Heart-healthy eating on a budget

Eating healthfully doesn’t need to take a lot of time and money. Here’s a few helpful cooking tips to get your eating on a heart-healthy track – even if you’re on a budget. Take small steps and try to incorporate a couple of these a week.

  • Buy larger, bulk items if they are less expensive per unit and you will use them quickly
  • Try to use less bread and more whole-grains such as brown rice, barley or whole-grain pasta
  • Instead of buying frozen meals, double your recipes when cooking and freeze the leftovers for your own healthy frozen meals
  • Make your own salad dressing – use olive oil and vinegar to dress salads
  • Make your own soups and freeze the leftovers
  • Bring leftovers for lunch
  • Buy foods that receive 1 or more Guiding Stars :)
  • Use frozen vegetables and fruits; they cost less but are just as nutritious as fresh varieties
  • Plan out your menu each week before shopping and use a shopping list
  • Use the sales flyer to identify specials – fresh fruits and veggies are often on sale in their peak season
  • Cut down on refined foods, such as chips, candies and soda – these add to your waistline and are more expensive, considering the minimal nutrients they provide