Eating According to the Season

They say that eating according to the season is the best way to have a varied diet and guarantee the freshest produce. So now that it’s officially Fall, what foods should we be looking for to feed our families?

Well, summer fruits are in our past and root vegtables such as onions, carrots, yams and various potatoes are now readily available. Above-ground squashes, gourds and pumpkins can be easily found as well as fruits such as apples, cranberries and pears. You may easily find recipes with these ingredients online. Recipes range from everyday meals to special dishes for the holidays.

Planning your menu according to the season can give be a change that you and your family look forward to and it also helps teach little ones to expand their palates. The other bonus is that if you buy local produce, it helps to support the local farmers and that’s always a good thing. So put on your Fall coat and get to the store so you can buy some fresh, local ingredients and make a hearty seasonal meal for your family!