During my girls’ quiet time yesterday, I took advantage of a sunny moment and hacked at some weeds in our vegetable garden (a wonderful way to vent frustration!). When 3-year-old Tess ventured outside, walking carefully in her favorite purple rain boots, I invited her to join me amidst the zucchini, corn and basil.

She walked right up to the ‘sungold’ cherry tomatoes, and I knew instantly that my plans for a beautiful dinner salad were ruined. You see, my 3-year old loves tomatoes. She has loved them ever since she first tasted one — freshly picked from our garden — soon after her first birthday. Little Tess figured that out right away that there is something special about a tomato fresh from the vine.

So, yesterday she spotted five beautiful, perfectly ripened tomatoes in our garden. She excitedly asked if she could pick them, and then she stood there and ate them, one by one. She was thrilled. It made me happy that those tomatoes made her so happy, and that she recognized the value of fresh, natural goodness. After all, that’s why we have our own vegetable garden. But I really missed having tomatoes in my salad last night.

I guess next year I’ll have to plant more tomatoes.