Meet Sophia: Nutrition Champion

Sophia Carpenter with Marilyn Mills

At age 11, Sophia Carpenter is already a champion of the Guiding Stars Program. Sophia and her father visit our Hannaford store every Monday to stock up on nutritious foods for the week and check out the Manchester, NH store’s demo, led by Hannaford Dietitian, Marilyn Mills. While many of us struggle with weekly meal planning and serving our families nutritious choices throughout the week, Sophia has this covered. Sophia comes to the store every week equipped with a detailed meal plan and shopping list that includes delicious choices and is packed full of items that earn Guiding Stars. Marilyn helps out by offering new recipes, ideas, and offers a taste of a product for folks in the region to try out. Sophia compiles all of this into creative recipes to enjoy throughout the week. A true inspiration and amazing role model, we are so thankful to have folks like Sophia to champion the use of the Guiding Stars program in their own home!

Sophia’s shopping list