Scraps & Stock

Chicken stock cooking in a pot

Stock is one of my favorite things to make. For one thing, you take something that was destined for either the trash or the compost and you get more food out of it before you toss it. For another, you save money. For a third, you reduce your trash from cartons or bouillon wrappers. And finally, you can control the final product for both flavor and nutrition. If you have the freezer space, I highly recommend it.

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Getting a Picky Eater to Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Girl pouting at lettuce

First, as I would say to anyone trying to make a healthy change, the most important things to remember when making a change for yourself is to be kind, patient, and forgiving of yourself…but also, be realistic. Don’t bite off more than you can chew (pun intended). Rather, start with small, reasonable changes and slowly add to those rather than a complete overhaul of your diet. For example, add one extra serving of veggies a day. The same goes when trying to alter or encourage dietary changes for kiddos—especially toddlers who can be as stubborn and unpredictable as the weather in New England. Be realistic and know your audience so that expectations are set appropriately to minimize battles.  

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Who feeds us?

Woman harvesting carrots

Our ability to transport foods across the country (and the world) is exceptional. As a result, we consumers have grown to expect produce year-round that was once only available seasonally, along with foods that cross cultures, and tremendous access to high quality, fresh foods. Today’s supermarkets are doing such a great job that it’s easy to forget just how much goes into ensuring those foods are on store shelves and filling fresh departments. However, the supply chain that brings food to shelves so that it can eventually make it to your home kitchen is a network of devoted people who are the lifeline of this country. Let’s take a moment to highlight everyone from the farm workers to grocery store stockers and the home cook too, who take on the challenge of maintaining a safe food supply and nourishing our homes and communities.

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The Best Packed Lunch

Ginger Quinoa Salad

Whether you’re “packing a lunch” as you work from home, feeding kids at home, or are part of the essential workforce (thank you!) that needs to eat lunch outside of your home, many of us are needing to rely less on restaurants and cafeterias and more on home cooking for an extra meal each day. What’s a better go-to option?

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Nutritional Gatekeepers

Roasted Gnocchi & Vegetables

With Mother’s Day approaching, we want to celebrate all moms and recognize their hard but incredibly rewarding work in raising children. For this month’s Nutritious Nudge, let’s focus on moms and the role they often play as “nutritional gatekeeper.” This term refers to the person that purchases and prepares most of the food in a household. Thus, they control most of what their family eats. Right now, these gatekeepers are also navigating challenging and sometimes high-risk food-shopping situations, facing shortages of foods they may be used to leaning on, and in many cases, having to make creative adjustments while both working from home and caring for children without access to daycare or schools or even grandparents.

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Flat, Cheap, and Easy Breads


Flatbreads are almost universally yummier when they’re fresh. Shaping them tends to take a little extra effort because you’re shaping individual portions (which helps with the speed of cooking). Shaping is also an excellent task to give to young cooks, and you can learn a ton about bread texture from the exercise. Here are a few more familiar flatbreads for you to play with.

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