Conversations on Nutritious Eating at Home

Screenshot of a conference call with Nicole Friedman, Allison Stowell, Garrick Brown, and Elizabeth Caton

Nicole Friedman from Retail Business Services, one of our valued clients, invited myself, Garrick Brown, and Allison Stowell to provide tips to our colleagues on eating well under the current circumstances. They’ve kindly made the videos available for us to share with all of you.

How do you ensure balanced meals when fresh produce is hard to come by?

We discuss the most shelf-stable veggies, the benefits of frozen produce, and tips for choosing canned options with the best nutrition.

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How do you maintain healthy eating patterns while working from home?

We discuss how to plan for a work-from-home day as if you were leaving the house. We highlight the importance of having nutritious options ready when hunger strikes and hydration.

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What nutrients are key for supporting immunity?

We talk about the roles that vitamins and minerals do and don’t play in supporting immunity and the importance of a nutritious diet. We also consider the challenge of getting enough vitamin D.

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How do you keep foods fresh at home?

We offer tips for storing foods in the best way to minimize food waste while practicing good food safety.

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