Five Nutrition Trends for 2023

Young woman in supermarket
Image by Freepik

From functional foods to hacks in the kitchen, these trends will be guiding your shopping lists, online clicks, and food dollars in 2023.

#1 Functional foods 

Functional foods do more than simply feed you. They have added benefits like improving your gut, supporting a strong immune system, lowering disease risk, and more. Functional foods include fruits, vegetables, grains, green tea, and fermented foods. Others are fortified with additional micronutrients, boosted with added fiber, or designed to do more than simply satiate. Expect the number of foods in this “food as medicine” category to grow significantly between now and 2030.

#2 Gut health

The gut health trend is only getting stronger, and food companies are poised to embrace it. Probiotics and prebiotics are finding their way beyond fermented foods and yogurt to jams, bars, and chocolate. And the focus on gut health is for good reason. A healthy gut helps maintain regularity and prevent chronic disease, and 70% of our immune system is in the gut. Many consumers are aware of the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics, but they’re still unsure where to find them. You can expect that to change this year, as more foods will have prebiotic and probiotic labels. Not only will this help meet consumer demand, it will also clarify how to include these products in your diet.

#3 Plant-based protein

Whether it’s for sustainability or perhaps to lessen the food budget, plant-based proteins are still highly sought after. This year will bring more innovation among plant-based foods, including more “upcycled” brands or products made with upcycled ingredients. You’ll also see more products integrating jackfruit, mushrooms, and seaweed in a cleaner, less processed format. Remember, though, plant-based doesn’t always mean “better for you.” Look for the Guiding Stars rating to ensure your plant-based foods are low in sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar.

#4 Better beverages

The trend toward better beverages is the culmination of greater emphasis on functional foods, gut health, and plant-based protein. Today’s shelves offer beverage blends with added nutrients designed to do more than simply hydrate. The beverage industry is ready to fulfill increased consumer interest in using food and drinks to embrace a healthier lifestyle. You’ll see more beverages made from 100% fruit juice, fermented bacteria, plant protein, and alternative caffeine sources this year. Mocktails and drinks designed to lower stress and improve wellness will also trend in 2023. Use Guiding Stars’ beverage guidance to select the “good, better, and best” options on store shelves.

#5 Cooking

Many families are in the kitchen more often now than they were pre-pandemic. Products abound to help home cooks get dinner done quickly with big flavor and less effort. Healthier-packaged products, better-for-you sauces, and marinades with unique flavor profiles are taking over supermarket shelves. Copycat recipes that help you recreate your favorite dining-out dishes will pop up on your social media feeds. And more products that help you recreate these dishes in mere minutes will fill the frozen food and grocery aisles. 

Turn to Guiding Stars throughout 2023 for nutrition news, updates, and tips to bring these trends into your home kitchen.