Back-to-School Snacks Sweepstakes Results

Congratulations to Katie of Winthrop, Maine for winning the random drawing for our Back-to-School Snacks Sweepstakes! Even if you missed the contest, you can still get great ideas and advice from our Consulting Dietitian, Allison Stowell, and Expert Chef, Erin Dow on our Snacks page.

Thanks to everyone who participated and offered their great snack ideas! Here are a few of our favorites:

Baked Trail Mix Bars: Oatmeal, cranberries, chocolate chips, silken tofu, spices mixed together and set in fridge over night. Baked off in the morning, cooled, and cut into squares– makes an excellent mid-morning or after-lunch healthful snack. Send us that recipe, it sounds delicious!

Granola Landscape
Granola Landscape / Jeremy Bronson / CC BY 2.0

Ants on a Log: Natural peanut butter in celery stick, topped with raisins. Fruit, veggies and protein? Can’t go wrong there.

Cucumbers with Ranch: Fresh from the garden, if you can get them! If you’re looking for a health recipe, Erin has a great Greek Yogurt Dressing & Dip.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothies: Lowfat kefir (plain), natural peanut butter, 1 frozen banana (chopped)…all Guiding Star-earning ingredients for a cold, blended treat. Bonus: Toss in a handful of spinach if you struggle to get enough greens in your kids.

Hummus & Carrots: Okay, so these two were submitted separately, but they’re both awesome snacks that do better with a partner. Carrots provide a delicious veggie to eat hummus on and a Guiding Star-earning hummus like Pita Pal Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Hummus adds that crucial protein to the snack.

Apples with Different Dips: Natural peanut butter, Sunbutter, almond butter, and plain, non-fat Greek yogurt all make great, protein-rich dipping options for apples, or any fruit or veggie you like!

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