Get creative while waiting for spring’s harvest

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Preparing springtime holiday celebrations like Easter and Passover can be a tough job if, like me, you’re in a cold weather climate. Here in Maine, the daffodils are blooming, tree buds are swelling, and the sun is getting stronger. We feel the itch of summer’s approach, and we’re looking forward to the fresh garden produce; the problem is that even our earliest produce is a good month away. Even our wild spring delicacies like rhubarb, fiddlehead ferns and ramps aren’t interested in helping out. Of course, those of us with root cellars can stick with our own garden stashes, but really, at this point I’m sick of winter squash, beets, and potatoes.

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Big Game Food

Ahhhh, here comes the Big Game. It’s about hanging out, munchies, half-time shows, and cool commercials. I’ve developed a recipe for your Football Sunday menu that will please everyone while they’re eating it and—as importantly—after they’ve eaten it and tried to button their pants again. Perhaps the healthier fare might mitigate the rivalry-induced blood pressure issues as well.

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