Cut the Cream

There’s no doubt that creamy foods are delicious. Whether it’s a luscious mouthfeel or a particular flavor you love from heavy mayonnaise and cream-based recipes, Eating Well has some helpful hints for enjoying your favorite creamy recipes with less fat, and sometimes less sodium as well. We’ve also got a couple of tricks that we love for reducing fat in creamy recipes.

Greek Cucumber Dip with Pita Triangles

Use Starch to Thicken

In recipes that call for heavy cream, substitute with 4 tablespoons of flour per cup of skim or 1% milk. Whisk the two together constantly over medium heat until the mixture thickens, then use as the recipe requires.

Choose Lighter Options

If your recipe absolutely must have mayonaise or sour cream, choose the low-fat versions. Remember, these versions are still solidly in the category of “sometimes” foods, so make these recipes an infrequent treat.

Love Your Immersion Blender

If you’re making a chowder or veggie soup, a lot of creaminess can be derived from pureeing a portion of the recipe and then stirring it back in. Recipes with root vegetables like potatoes or carrots are especially good candidates for this trick.

Go Greek

Plain Greek yogurt has a pleasant tang and a delightful creaminess that are derived from the process rather than fat or additives. Sub it in for sour cream or, in some recipes like salad dressings, for mayo.