Fish, for Your Heart

February is Heart Healthy Month. What better way to celebrate your heart by trying to bring a few more omega-3 fatty acids to your family’s table? These healthful oils are not only good for your heart–they also help reduce risk of cancer and have benefits for some conditions like arthritis. Fish are a bountiful source of omega-3, and this recipe round-up will help you bring a fresh variety to your family’s fish routine.

Grilling Tuna
Grilling Tuna / Seth Anderson / CC BY 2.0

Grilled Tuna with Fire and Ice Salsa
If most of your tuna comes out of a can, your tongue will be pleasantly surprised by the flavor of fresh tuna steaks and a unique salsa. (3 Stars)

Seared Salmon with Cilantro-Cucumber Salsa
Pairing the simplicity of pan-seared salmon with the fresh flavor of this crisp salsa will fill your February dinner with dreams of summer. (2 Stars)

Halibut with Tomato Basil Salsa
Tomato and basil bring a fresh, unique flavor to this easy-to-prep halibut dish. (3 Stars)

Broiled Peppered Tuna Steak
On a busy weeknight, you’ll find this nothing more simple and quick to fill your table with omega-3 oils. (3 Stars)

Fennel-Crusted Salmon on White Beans
The generous use of fennel adds a savory licorice tone to this succulent dish, bringing you a twist on salmon that’s not your everyday dish of fish. (2 Stars)

Salsa Broiled Tilapia
Tilapia, a light-colored and tender fish, is often inexpensive and can often be bought frozen if you can’t find fresh. (3 Stars)

Roasted Salmon with Veggie Sushi Salsa
Making sushi can be a process, but this recipe will give you all the flavor and health benefits without the safety issues of raw fish or the labor-intense process. (2 Stars)