Healthier Alternatives to Popular Kids’ Snacks

Kids and snacks. It’s inevitable that children may or not eat “enough” at their meals, but they will almost always be up for a snack. No matter the length of a car ride or errands, kids will ask if you packed a snack, so we parents need to have them on hand. No doubt the food industry knows this–the supermarket is, after all, full of packaged snacks that appear to have our job done for us, but do they? Here are a few guidelines to help you give your kids the best nutrition with every snack.

Trail Mix
Trail Mix / Max Wei / CC BY 2.0


Snack on…


Instead of…

  • Artificial “fruit” snacks
  • Full fat chips
  • Granola bars without protein
  • Fruit alone
  • Cookie
  • Cereal and fruit bars
  • Pudding
  • Prepared popcorn
  • Fruit juice cocktail
  • Fruit Roll-up


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8 years ago

The benefits of healthy snacking are that these snacks provide a
lot of nutrients and vitamins that many people need but take for
granted. They are good sources of energy. Also, they provide fiber
to help cleanse the body, again making your bodily systems and
functions more efficient.