Taste and Smell

Science is something we care as much about as nutrition, so why not bring the two together? This month we’ll be showcasing a few of our favorite kitchen science experiments for kids to give you some great reasons to play with your food. Our first featured source for great food science is Science Kids. The site has a host of awesome food experiments designed for different ages, complete with useful instructions, materials lists, and even some demonstration videos.

Lemon Battery LED Lighting
Lemon Battery LED Lighting / Travis V. / CC BY 2.0

Taste Testing without Smell

This first experiment is simple, needs nothing more than an apple and a potato, and can be done with even your youngest children. It teaches them how important our noses are in tasting food.

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How to Make a Lemon Battery

Slightly more complicated, involving more equipment, and best suited for slightly older children, this experiment is designed to help children understand the literal power of produce.

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