Consider Me Your Personal Shopper

Editors Note: We’re happy to welcome Allison Stowell, MS, RD, CDN as our new Consulting Dietitian. For her first post on the Guiding Stars blog we asked her to speak about what perspective she hopes to bring to the program. We’re excited to have her on board!

As a working mom of two, I know how hard it is to get it all done.

There are a few things you should know about me. While I am a dietitian, I am not a chef; but I’m a master at creating uncomplicated, go-to options for busy nights. You see, I spend a lot of time at the grocery store, something I know you don’t have time to do. Consider me your personal shopper.

I’m in the store so much because I’m a Nutrition Coordinator for Hannaford Supermarket, where I’m lucky enough to be able to use on a daily basis the Guiding Stars nutrition navigation program. I do many things at the store and hands down Guiding Stars makes my job easier.


Another thing you should know about me is that, just like you, I have little time to do the actual shopping. A typical day has me rushing out of work with ten minutes to spare, relieving the babysitter, and still needing to put dinner on the table. Sure, fast food could be an option, but I know better and at times like these there is no better help for making good food choices than Guiding Stars. When I’m standing in the aisle, I decide right there what it is going to be. Tacos for dinner! I take a quick look at the selection of taco shells and that helpful Guiding Stars green tag points me to the “starred” multigrain shells and just like that they’re in my cart and I’m on my way. Saved again!

For me those moments when you simply need to get it done – fast and right – there is no better way than shopping with Guiding Stars.

About our Consulting Dietitian

Allison Stowell MS, RD, CDN is a Registered Dietitian and a working mom of two. Allison enables individuals to make positive, sustainable changes in their eating habits by stressing conscious eating, improving relationships with food and offering a non-diet approach for reaching and maintaining ideal body weight.

She also runs a successful private practice with offices in Danbury, CT, Bedford Hills, NY and Mahopac, NY. Since 2007, Allison has also worked with the grocer, Hannaford Brothers Corporation, as a Nutrition Coordinator. She provides complementary nutrition classes and tours, community workshops and one-on-one shopping experiences at their Carmel, NY location.

She joins the Guiding Stars team to help people in a number of sectors (grocery, hospitals, schools and universities) to understand how to use the Guiding Stars nutrition navigation program to make healthier food choices.

Allison lives in Connecticut with her husband, two small children and her dog, Chase.