Alli’s 2018 Thanksgiving Pick

There are dishes that are likely to make every traditional Thanksgiving table. Staples like mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey are the backbone of the holiday table, while sides such as squash and other roasted dishes are likely partners to complete the meal. Indeed, the traditional Thanksgiving table is often a collection of cooked foods that match the colors of the season.

While a table of richly colored autumn dishes is a good thing, it often lacks variety in texture. This is where my pick for your holiday table comes in. In my opinion, no holiday table is complete without something crunchy and green because while I love sweet potatoes just as much as anyone else, our Thanksgiving table needs a bright boost. With this in mind, I’m choosing Apple Walnut Tossed Salad for my Thanksgiving pick. With fresh, crisp, greens, apples and walnuts, this seasonal salad is what your table needs to round it out perfectly.

Apple Walnut Tossed Salad

Apple Walnut Tossed Salad

Two Guiding Stars iconTwo Guiding Stars indicate better nutritional value. Bring color and crunch to the table with this easy, delicious salad.

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