Avoiding Burnout With Your Health Goals

Image by FreePik

If you’re successful at achieving a health goal, then the next hurdle is sticking with it. Over time, wellness goals should feel less like a “change” and more like a natural part of you. As they seamlessly fit into your life, you can leave behind the “new” sensation. This transition is essential for avoiding burnout with your health goals.

Start off the right way

You may find the key to maintaining your health goal by looking at how you first adopted it. Was it the right goal for you to begin with? Did it include certain foods, a gym membership, or other factors that don’t fit within your budget? Does the goal work with your lifestyle, increasing the odds for long-term success? If the foundation of your goal is unsustainable, then the goal itself will be too, leaving you feeling burned out. Instead, set health goals with the long term in mind so that you’ll be able to maintain them.

Are your expectations unreasonable?

Have your health goals left you feeling like a “tourist” in a foreign land with unfamiliar expectations? Or do you feel like you’re right where you’re supposed to be, someplace that feels like “home?” The difference here begins with expectations, and whether or not your goals are reasonable and attainable. If your expectations are unreasonable, then you may burn out just trying to meet them. Instead, set sustainable goals and celebrate the small wins along the way.

Strategically slack off

Ok, so maybe don’t slack off, but consider if you need a bit more flexibility and less rigidity in your process. It’s true that a rigid, structured approach serves us well when we’re creating change. But once we adopt new habits, we can often be a little less strict with ourselves. Remain rigid when needed, certainly, but let go of steps that once were  necessary but aren’t any longer. And please remember that we all stray from our goals sometimes, which may even help keep us motivated! When you’ve laid a clear path for yourself, it’s still there when you’re ready to continue your wellness journey.

Keep it fun

The best way to stick to health goals and avoid burnout is to keep it fun, interesting, and engaging. Try new workouts and exercise classes or learn new recipes and cooking methods. And switch up your schedule from time to time. If your hardest workout or busiest meal prep day makes you dread a particular day of the week, change it! Avoid becoming bored or stuck in a rut and you’ll likely avoid burnout too.