A Holiday Party Healthy Eating Survival Guide

Tis the season for thanks, joy, giving, peace and holiday party after holiday party! You eat well most of the time but parties are everyone’s Achilles heel, so what to do when you have more then 5 parties in one month or week even! Take a deep breath and you can still RSVP to all of the celebrations and eat well.

Eat before you go

Have a small bite before you go to the party. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, perhaps a salad or a sandwich. I try to have something that I am sure I will be passing up if its sitting on the table beside the deviled eggs, scallops and bacon or crab cakes. I usually end up making myself a salad with some type of easy protein included. You don’t have to fill yourself to the brim but just something to take up a little bit of room in your stomach.

Bring something healthy

No need to be rude, arrive to the party with a dish you prepared or purchased that is on the healthy side. That way you know there will be at least one healthy food for you to snack on. Veggies and dip made with nonfat sour cream, salad, chicken kabobs, pita chips with goat cheese, fruit salad or any other recipe you can think of. Maybe include the recipe with the dish so your hostess will have a copy for herself.

One thing to keep in mind on bringing a dish – don’t impose on your hostess. Don’t demand her oven or lots of help from her. Your host has guests to entertain and shouldn’t be spending time in her kitchen preparing your dish.

Don’t make up for it with your New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions don’t work so don’t think you will just pig out and make up for it on January 1st. Don’t start your next year in the negative. Keep up your eating habits through this busy month and start next year two steps ahead of the other guy!

Have Fun!

The best part of the holidays is catching up with family and friends. Enjoy it, and remember to find some time to relax with your family.