The New Dietary Guidelines for Americans Are Here!

We are thrilled to see that the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans have been released! The Guiding Stars Scientific Advisory Panel was actively involved in providing feedback on the proposals that led to the development of the final recommendations, and we are excited to delve into the finalized details. These guidelines reflect the current scientific consensus and are updated every five years based on the latest evidence-based findings about nutrition and health, which is why we rely on the Dietary Guidelines and other national policies and regulations as we update and improve our own food-rating algorithms.

Translating nutrition science into policy is no small task. We applaud those involved in crafting our new set of dietary guidelines for their commitment to public health. Over the next few months, our scientific advisors will determine  how our algorithm needs to change to reflect this latest guidance and we’re looking forward to sharing the details with you soon.

Be sure to check back in early next week: Scientific Advisor Kit Broihier will be highlighting some of the key changes to the DGA that you’ll want to know about.