Simple Ways to Care for Yourself This Summer

Image by FreePik

The summer season is often packed with activities (and perhaps a few trips to the local ice cream stand). But simple, summer self-care doesn’t have to take a backseat to BBQs, baseball, and beach days. Finding moments for self-care in every season is good for the body, mind, and spirit. In fact, linking self-care routines to the seasons can help us connect more closely to nature. It also provides opportunities for us to mindfully experience the uniqueness and sweet pleasures of each season. Here are a few ideas for self-care rituals specific to the summer months.

Eat outdoors

There’s something about dining al fresco that feels special, even if you’re just eating a regular meal. The key is to make it relaxing, not a rushed workday lunch in the parking lot. Eating outside in a natural setting that is relaxing can provide a richer sensory experience and increased mindfulness. The colors, scents, and sounds of nature even add to the tastes of our food. And eating outside can help us feel more connected to nature, which recent research indicates may be related to eating more—and a greater variety of—fruits and vegetables. Of course, for many of us, eating outdoors is something we can’t often do because of the weather. So let’s take advantage of those beautiful summer days while we can.  

Get in the water

Swimming in the lake or ocean. Floating down the river. Or simply enjoying the community pool. Whatever your preference, being in water is a great way to boost your wellbeing. Baths and showers are often recommended as self-care because they provide relaxation, soothe the body, and enhance mindfulness. According to the Centers for Disease Control, swimming has been shown to boost mood, decrease anxiety, and ease arthritis. Beyond the physical benefits of exercising in water, just floating can be calming and help reduce depression and pain. In fact, so can simply being near water and viewing it!

Pamper your tootsies

Are you interested in having “sandal-ready” feet or simply want your feet to feel better? Either way, it’s easier to take care of your tootsies in the summer when they are naturally more exposed. Give yourself a foot massage. Soak sore feet in warm water. Exfoliate and moisturize your feet. All of these self-care practices feel amazing and are good for foot health. For an added boost, paint your toenails or get a professional pedicure. 

Creative Hydration

Just like getting in water is self-care, so is drinking enough water. Fresh summer fruits, vegetables, edible flowers, and herbs are plentiful right now. Why not use them to make your H20 more interesting? You can also try adding a small amount of fresh juice to seltzer water for enhanced taste. And don’t forget to garnish your refreshing beverage for a more spa-like experience!
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