Guiding Stars in UNH Dining Halls

A recent study at the University of New Hampshire has show the value of Guiding Stars for university dining services. The research was conducted by Gale Carey, professor emeritus of nutrition; Rochelle L’Italien, dietitian with UNH Dining Services; and Morrell. The research results are presented in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior in Guiding Stars Influences Perception of Healthy Food Choices at a 4-Year University.

The Guiding Stars team is thrilled to help students at institutions like University of New Hampshire make smarter, healthier choices in their day-to-day eating. The food service leadership at UNH has been very innovative in using our program to highlight their more nutritious offerings. We’ve long seen the positive effects our program makes for grocery shoppers, and we are pleased to see this catch on in even more organizations as consumers begin to demand information that allows them to make the best choices possible. The impact we’re making in our communities is exciting: from supporting more nutritious choices in school and hospital cafeterias, to helping shoppers navigate grocery shelves  to offering hundreds of nutritious star-rated recipes on our website. We believe we have a responsibility to provide easy, transparent nutritional guidance, and we’re pleased to share news about independent research that highlights the impact of our work.

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