Guiding Stars & Healthier Food Systems

Open laptop on a wood table shows a slide from Julie's presentation highlighting the nutrients Guiding Stars focuses on

I recently had the privilege to join a panel of public health and food industry experts, including the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams, to discuss how the food industry can work to create a healthy and sustainable food system. I was honored to have a seat at the table to discuss this essential topic. It was a great opportunity to showcase the work our clients do and the role Guiding Stars plays in supporting them.

Guiding Stars is known for our nutrition evaluation and rating system. When you go to the store, you can quickly and easily pick the most nutritious options of the products you’re looking for by looking for one, two, or three stars on the shelf tag or package. What many people don’t realize is the impact our program has on improving the food system at a broader scale.

To share one example: our clients have corporate goals that include improving the overall healthfulness and sustainability of their products. Guiding Stars provides the data to inform and track product reformulations. This means shoppers have more star-earning choices to choose from. Our most recent webinar, Surprisingly Nutritious, looks at how products have improved in nutrition over time. Guiding Stars has been an active partner in promoting and empowering that change.

Product reformulation is only one of many ways Guiding Stars helps promote nutrition and public health. I invite you to watch the fascinating panel, review my presentation slides, or read the write-up to learn more about our work in health and sustainability.