Playing with Food

Sometimes getting kids to eat healthfully is about teaching them to try new things, even if they’re not thrilled with the prospect. Sometimes, however, winning the battle of nutrition mealtimes means making the healthy food look more appealing. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite fun food presentation ideas for kids to help fill your family’s next meal with giggles instead of groans.

Cartoon Character Fruit Scultpures

Offer your child a selection of fruits or veggies and try to imagine how you could sculpt the face of one of their favorite cartoon characters. The picture of Kermit made from green apples, from Disney Family, is great picture to get your imaginations going. If you offer a dip, stick with options that earn Guiding Stars, like natural nut butter or Greek yogurt dip.

Playing with Ployes

Ployes, a naturally gluten-free, whole-grain buckwheat alternative to pancakes, can be stacked up and poured out in a plethora of playful ways, such as this Pancake Caterpillar from Heidi Kenney. Whip up a batch of our Expert Chef’s Buckwheat Pancakes and let your imagination run wild.

15.01.2012 - Fruit Rainbow
Fruit Rainbow / Jlhopgood / CC BY 2.0

Rainbow’s End

A key trick for getting a balanced variety of nutrients is mixing up the colors of your produce. For young kids who are learning their colors, making rainbows out of food is a great way to practice both lessons. Try your own version of this Fruit Rainbow from Sarah’s Blog–we’d recommend using banana pieces for the clouds and using Guiding Stars-earning nuts to fill your pot of gold with filling protein. The idea also works with vegetables and Greek yogurt dip.

It’s a Wild World

What could be more delightful than food that’s shaped liked animals? We think your kids will love these Orange Slice Butterflies and Teddy Bear Toast as much as we do. For the toast, we recommend whole-grain bread and natural nut butter for the base to get the best nutrition for your calories and to keep your kids feeling full.

Happy snacking, and be sure to share your nutritious creations with us!