Open Sesame

Traditional sandwiches are routine when it comes to lunchtime. With two pieces of bread to protect little fingers from sticky filling, they’re certainly convenient. Sandwiches get boring fast, though, and kids who are bored with their food are less likely to eat it when you’re not there to supervise. We love this simple idea from Parents Magazine: reinvigorate the tired old sandwich by opening it up!

peanut butter and banana open faced sandwich
Peanut Butter and Banana Open-Face Sandwich ? Mary Thompson / CC BY 2.0

Why Open-Face Sandwiches?

  • 1 slice of bread is all many kids need–why not let them decide if they want to fold it in half?
  • The colors of the veggies have a chance to shine so lunch looks different every day.
  • The opportunities for sandwich art are endless. Cookie cutter turkey slices, anyone?
  • Kids who like to pick their sandwiches apart anyway are more free to do so.

Open-Face Sandwich Ideas