Get Cozy with Calories

Kit Broihier and Allison Stowell chat about calories, common misconceptions about them, and how they can be useful or problematic. Whether you’re working to lose weight or trying to understand what a nutritious and nicely proportioned diet looks like for you, they’ve got insights on how counting calories can help us or skew our perspective.

Is a calorie always the right calorie?

When people get focused on the calorie limits and staying within their allowance when they’re trying to lose weight, instead of looking at how those calories break down.

Calories are still a good tool.

Calories may not be a perfect measure of our food energy needs as individuals, but many people still fundamentally have a problem with too many calories, and it’s currently still the best tool we have.

This audio clip is part of a series on calories captured as part of our preparation for our Calories Close Up webinar. For more information about calories, watch the free webinar or listen to more clips from our audio series.