All-Star Summer Sausage Subs

My wife and I are always on the lookout for healthy alternatives to foods we like. In looking for alternatives to the traditional Italian pork sausage, we switched to turkey sausage. Even though it is a much healthier alternative to the Italian pork sausage, it still contains too much sugar and sodium to be really healthy. We also tried some of the chicken sausage that was available at the time. Again, it was better than the Italian pork sausage, but still had too much sodium to really be considered healthy.

Finally, Hannaford added to their meats a line of Thin ‘N’ Trim Chicken Sausage made by Demakes Enterprises in Massachusetts. These products are 95% fat free, contain no added nitrates and are gluten free. They do contain some added sodium, but it’s not excessive. An added bonus is that these sausages qualify for 1 Guiding Star.

Chicken Sausage Subs

The above picture is an all Guiding Stars supper cooked on the grill, using these Thin ‘N’ Trim Chicken Sausages. The produce—bell peppers, onions, summer squash and zucchini—is all in-season during the summer, and when you add a whole wheat hoagie roll to the mix, you’ve got a great meal for any hot summer night.

Fran & Paul Doucette have been married for 37 years and have two grown daughters. Fran & Paul enjoy their ‘empty nest’ very much, but do not stay in it for long periods. They enjoy travelling very much and recently spent the weekend in Downeast Maine visiting Campobello Island and West Quoddy Headlight. Paul works for the Guiding Stars Licensing Company as the System Specialist. He has been there for five years and previous to that worked for 25 years for Hannaford. Fran is the Director of the Food Pantry in Gorham. She has held that position for twelve years. She also does nannying for special-needs children. Paul enjoys spending his free time on the computer planning their excursions as well as doing genealogical research on the computer and out and about.Fran enjoys photography,
needlework as well as watching the New England sports teams. Both Fran & Paul have the usual health issues that people their age do, so other than an occasional ice cream or bag of chips, they try to eat a healthy diet.