An All-Star Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is, for many of us, that one day of the year we abandon our healthy eating habits for. With some minor changes to your favorite recipes and reasonable portions, you can enjoy an indulgent holiday full of Guiding Stars and no regrets.

Thanksgiving 2010-3
Thanksgiving 2010 / Edsel Little / CC BY 2.0

Herb Roasted Turkey
When you buy an enormous bird for a special occasion, you want it to be moist and flavorful, not dry and salty. Use the recipe to get a nutritious, delicious centerpiece for your holiday meal. (3 stars)

Stuffing with Cranberries
The healthful key to this traditional stuffing if to cook it separately from the bird, saving calories and fat: a trick which can help save your bird from drying out too. (2 stars)

Cranberry Chutney
Forget the gelatin in a can–making your own cranberry sauce from scratch is easy! You won’t regret the extra flavor and nutritional value. (3 stars)

Green Bean Casserole with Caramelized Onions
Although this recipe isn’t as easy as the classic “open a can” version, your tongue won’t argue with the amazing flavor and your waistline will even thank you. (1 star)

Wild Mushroom Stuffing
To keep the nutrition without losing the flavor of a Thanksgiving favorite, this recipe bulks up on the vegetables and uses a more nutritious bread. (1 star)

Zucchini Hummus
One of the diet killers on Thanksgiving is the pre-meal appetizers. Why not use some of your garden surplus and showcase a healthful appetizer this year? (2 stars)

Secret Weapon Bread Dough
From rolls to stuffing, good bread is a Thanksgiving tradition. Get the best nutrition out of your indulgent day by packing in the best nutrition you can. (1 star)