Balancing the (Food) Budget

Everyone is being affected in some way by the current economy! What seems to be the almost daily rising price of gasoline has an impact on a budget. In order to keep the household budget balanced, when the costs of necessary items go up, we need to find ways we can spend less. Let me share with you some tips on how to control food costs. You can still eat healthy and balance the budget!

Eating Away From Home

  • Eat dinner out less and cook at home more. Make it fun!
  • Brown bag your lunch and snacks.
  • Cut back on single serve purchases such as water and coffee. Prepare at home and tote a water bottle and reusable coffee cup.

Shopping To Do List

  • Make a shopping list and stick to it!
  • Check sales flyers, specials and coupons.
  • Buy private label store brands.
  • Use the unit price shelf tag to compare prices.

Still 206

Fresh Deals

  • Buy foods in season.
  • Compare prices of fresh, frozen, canned and dried fruits and vegetables.
  • Pair dried or canned beans, peas and lentils with a whole grain for a meatless meal.

For delicious recipe ideas that you can make at home, check out our recipe section. Help balance your food budget by incorporating some or all of these tips!

About our Nutrition Expert

Lori Kaley MS, RD, LD, MSB is a member of the Guiding Stars Scientific Advisory Panel. Lori has 30 years of combined experience working in healthcare and public health creating policies and environments to help families and children have access to healthy foods and beverages. She is currently Policy Associate at the University of Southern Maine’s Muskie School of Public Service.

Lori’s greatest achievement and joy has been in raising her three daughters to be healthy and productive young adults, each with their own particular love of food, cooking and being physically active. Lori’s passion for nutritional community outreach has been a cornerstone of the Guiding Stars Scientific Advisory Panel. Lori regularly contributes to the Guiding Stars blog.