Nutrition Facts 101

Guiding Stars has done most of the work for you by narrowing your choices to those foods that are the most heart-healthy. However, it’s important that you read the label to be sure the product meets the specific nutritional needs that your doctor recommends.

Rules of Thumb

    • Check sodium content on the label to help track sodium intake each day.
    • Look at fat calories in relation to total calories. Try to limit your fat calories to 30% of total calories.
    • Limit fat to 3g per serving.

– Limit saturated fat to 2g per serving.
– Limit sodium to 250mg per serving.
– Limit cholesterol to 300mg per day.

    • Strive to eat foods with 2-3g of fiber per serving.

– Aim for 28-35g of fiber per day.

Understanding the Nutrition Facts Panel
Understanding the Nutrition Facts Panel