5 Cute, Quick & Healthy Valentine’s Ideas

We’ve all been there. It’s the night before your kid’s classroom V-Day party and you forgot you “volunteered” to bring in a treat for the class. It’s now 8 pm and you’re tired, but the grocery store is open until 9, so if you hurry you can put together something cute and healthy for the little cherubs to enjoy tomorrow. Here are two easy, tasty and Valentine-appropriate snacks that any kid would be proud to bring to the school soiree and a few completely store-bought ideas if you have NO time to prep anything—no guilt necessary!

Cupid Crunch

Toss together a hearty snack mixture that will please kids and adults alike.

Make any substitutions to suit your taste, but make sure that you stick mostly to ingredients that earn Guiding Stars. For cereals, choose whole grain options with lower sugar. For pretzels or crackers, keep the whole grain theme going and look for lower salt. Keep the portion of treat items like marshmallows low, and choose dried fruits that are either unsweetened or sweetened only with juice.

Fresh Strawberry Slice
Fresh Strawberry Slice / Ano Lobb / CC BY 2.0

Strawberry Hearts and Yogurt Dip

Strawberry Hearts: Wash a quart of large, fresh strawberries. Remove the stems with a paring knife by cutting out the green stems down at an angle, making a V-shaped notch into the berries. Cut the strawberries into slices about 1/4-inch thick to get “hearts.”

Yogurt Dip: Blend an 8-ounce package of light cream cheese (softened) with two 8-ounce containers strawberry yogurt and season to taste with cinnamon.

Arrange the strawberry slices on a plate or platter, along with a bowl of the yogurt dip. This treat gets its balance by pairing a small amount of the tasty dip with plenty of fresh fruit.

No-Prep Party Food

Frozen, All-fruit Pops: Purchase a couple boxes of raspberry or strawberry frozen fruit pops and call it done. Most kids love them, and since it’s not summer, they’ll be a welcome change of pace. Be sure the teacher has access to a freezer before going this route.

Tomato Poppers: A couple containers of grape tomatoes and a Guiding Star-earning ranch dip. Wash tomatoes and bring a container of ranch dip and two spoons for serving (one for tomatoes, one for dip). A big bowl of tiny, red tomatoes is very inviting—not to mention healthy—and a nice, non-sweet option for the treat table.

Easy Hydration

Water is always welcome! Purchase individual bottles of water and cute valentine’s straws that the kids can use at the party and then take home.