Traveling? Stay Healthy!

Kudos to you for committing to a healthy diet and fitness routine! When you’re traveling, however it can be tricky to eat healthily and exercise regularly, especially since you’re in a new location with unfamiliar surroundings. Here are some useful and convenient ideas to help you keep tight, toned, and feeling great!

Planning the Trip

Seeking out locations/hotels that offer healthy choices is pivotal. I have found that reviews from other travelers are the most reliable and unbiased forms of information. I recently searched some reviews online and managed to find a great site that helped me to find a Las Vegas hotel with an entire gluten-free restaurant.

The Travel Channel explores options that help you stay active, such as the Fred Olson Cruise Lines, which boasts amenities such as yoga classes, daily walks, and personal trainers. Many hotels, such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, provide studio classes, personal trainers, specialized gym equipment, and much more.

Sweet potato hummus
Sweet Potato Hummus / CC BY 2.0 / Kari Sullivan

At the Airport

Before you fly: eat a healthy meal and bring your own snacks so that you will be less tempted to dig into any fatty extras being offered. These healthy snacks can consist of vegetables, dried fruits, or even hummus!

On a layover? Seek out nutritious options such as salads, fruit cups, or baked chicken to satisfy both your appetite and your palate. Staying active is also important. Carry that luggage yourself and ditch the elevator/escalator. If you find yourself waiting, take a brisk walk and explore the airport.

At the Hotel

The convenience of all of those ready-made snacks can prove a huge diet saboteur. Do yourself a favor and refuse that key to the minibar when you check in. Head to the nearest health food store and scoop up some snacks and mini-meals, such as low-sodium instant soups and fiber-rich oatmeal.

If available, take advantage of the healthy options of the continental breakfast, such as fresh fruit and whole-wheat bread. These items offer essential nutrients that keep you going. Staying away from the high-sugar items like cereals and muffins is important.

Dining Out

Be sure to do a little research to scope out your dining options. Steer clear of “mascot” restaurants (think a big, stuffed chicken waving a sign), as these tend to serve mostly fatty, salty foods. Try to seek out restaurants that serve fish and/or a salad bar. It’s also a good idea to grab a light snack beforehand to avoid overeating.

At the restaurant, choose veggies, fruits, legumes, lean meats, and healthy carbs, such as brown rice. Stick with “safe” words (think baked, broiled, steamed, etc.) and be on the lookout for “warning” words (breaded, buttered, smothered, etc.).

No matter your destination, these tips will help you to enjoy a happy and healthy vacation. Bon Voyage!