Farewell to Paul Doucette

by in Guiding Stars News

I want to share a huge shout out to our long-time friend and GSLC colleague, Paul Doucette, who retired last month after 35+ years at Hannaford, Delhaize America & Guiding Stars. Paul was excited to try the retired life and spend more time with his hobbies and his family. Paul joined the Guiding Stars team over 11 years ago and as our Systems Specialist, he helped in every phase of our development and expansion.  One of the best gifts he received was the Paul’s Favorites 3-Star Stew. It’s a special combination of all of his favorite foods…not many real stars but best stuff evah!

Congratulations Paul… we’ll miss you.  Thanks for your friendship and great service to our company and community over the past 35+ years!

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