Ahold Delhaize USA Commits to Improving Nutrition of Their Products

Graphic with styled text stating the Ahold Delhaize USA commitment that 54% of its private brand food sales will earn Guiding Stars by June 2025.

We’re pleased to congratulate our clients at Ahold Delhaize USA (ADUSA) for their commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA). ADUSA has committed to improving the nutritional quality of the products sold throughout their grocery brands. ADUSA uses Guiding Stars to measure nutrition in their products. By 2025, at least 54% of ADUSA’s private label and unbranded bulk items will earn one, two, or three Guiding Stars. Starting this year and on an ongoing annual basis, ADUSA will also be publicly disclosing the percentage of total store sales generated by products that earn Guiding Stars. We are excited to support them as they work to drive sales of more nutritious products.

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