Celebrating with Guiding Stars

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary this month, we’ve had stories and photos pouring in from many of Hannaford’s RDs as they share how they’ve used Guiding Stars and our 10th anniversary to inspire more nutritious choices among Hannaford’s customers. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been sharing their stories here on our blog, so be sure to look back for great ideas on how to eat well and how to share knowledge of nutritious eating with others.

Mary Lavanway, RD, LDN

Waterville, ME

I just wanted to send along a photo from the Guiding Stars Celebration. I had many people stop, lots of kids. I raffled off the vest and the bag and gave away a lot of activity books and pencils. The recipes were a big draw, especially the Coconut Salmon. I featured/sampled, some of our sponsors foods that got one, two and three stars. I gave away the balloons over the day, it was fun to see the carts going through the store with the balloons attached, kids were thrilled. Most people could not believe that the Guiding Stars has been around 10 years already!


Patrice Joy, RD, LDN

Leominster, MA

This is an image from a July even celebrating the 10th anniversary of Guiding Stars.


Diana Savani, RD, LDN

Dracut, MA | Waltham, MA | Lowell, MA

Here is my input on the Guiding Stars anniversary and info on what I’ve done in my stores:

  • A lot of my customers used the “selfie stands,” mostly kids. I found a lot of children running up to put their face in the hole and begging their parents to take a photo of them.
  • I also used these selfie stands after the promotional handouts had all been taken to use as a stand for the veggie recipe cards and Guiding stars recipes right off of the Guiding Stars website. These handouts are all taken every week when I provide handouts and recipes that go along with foods that are on sale that week. I think the Guiding Stars stand is more visually appealing and stands out more than a typical easel sign basket.
  • My most common and favorite customer comment about the Guiding Stars is “I never realized that is what those stars were, but now that I know my healthy shopping will be so much easier!”
  • The stars are also very useful in educating children on healthy shopping when conducting school field trip store tours! Kids get excited to “hunt down” the stars and they are surprisingly very curious as to why certain foods do not earn stars!